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Om Sweet Om Yoga

with Lorrie Blockhus


     All Yoga classes with Lorrie, regardless of level or style, hold a nice balance of healthy physical alignment and personal expression within the shapes and transitions. This keeps your practice safe, and efforts efficient, while still letting you explore your own limits. Your focus may remain on the physical indefinitely, or you may find your body/postures becoming a gateway that guides you deeper into your inner self. 

     Lorrie's classes provide you a safe environment where you will be encouraged to challenge your physical and mental patterns, attachments, and aversions without force. You can stretch and strengthen your body, get comfortable exploring your mind and spirit, or a lovely combination of all.



I first started attending Om Sweet Om Yoga classes when they were Om Sweet Home…at Lorrie’s own home. Since then the location of her classes has changed, but my love for them has not. I love Lorrie’s classes because not only are they good for my body, but also for my mind and spirit. Lorrie’s style of teaching ensures that you will have personal options for your practice, which can change on a daily basis. I am a runner who tends to push limits and be hard on myself, sometimes to the detriment of my body. Lorrie is a wonderful instructor who encourages attendees to challenge themselves, but also to be aware of personal limitations. Lorrie gives options for all the poses, and thoroughly explains how to get there, to make sure everyone can participate. Both my daughter and my mother have attended class with me, and both of them enjoyed it. I have learned not to work against my body, but to be more aware of what it needs. Although I do miss the in-person classes I once attended, I have found the online option to have many advantages. I can have extra props at home that assist with practice, which don’t have to be transported; candles, blankets or even a hot cup of tea. There is no issue with driving to class in bad weather, either. And Lorrie still offers the ability to interact and ask questions, during and after class. I have recommended Om Sweet Om Yoga to my friends in the past, and will continue to do so, because I just love it!

Dawn Richter


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