All classes here, regardless of level or style, hold a nice balance of healthy physical alignment and personal expression within the shapes and transitions. This keeps your practice safe and efforts efficient while still letting you explore your own body and movement. Yoga blocks, straps, and posture modifications and variations are offered so the practice can work for each and every body. The details also give the busy mind something to focus on within your practice, rather than wander aimlessly. Your focus may remain on the physical indefinitely, or you may find your body/postures becoming a gateway that guides you deeper into your inner self. Regardless of what brought you to your practice in the first place, many yoga practitioners end up finding much more than they were seeking.

     My classes provide you a safe environment where you will be encouraged to challenge your physical and mental patterns, attachments, and aversions without force. You can stretch and strengthen your body, get comfortable exploring your mind and spirit, or a lovely combination of all of it.

     Like all bodies, mine has known illness, injury, and even chronic disease, but my practice has helped me realize that I can live without "suffering" from these challenges. You've got a lot of potential, too, and I can't wait to help you find it.




At Om Sweet Om Yoga, your practice is just that - yours.

Lorrie Blockhus, Owner/Teacher at Om Sweet Om Yoga LLC

Lorrie Blockhus CYT; Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

YogaFit Level 1

Core Strength Vinyasa Total Transformation

 Core Strength Vinyasa Journey

 Core Strength Vinyasa Evolution

 Core Strength Vinyasa Rockstar

Teaching Children's Yoga

Practicing since 2000; teaching classes regularly since 2007.


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Lorrie Blockhus, Owner/Teacher at Om Sweet Om Yoga L.L.C., in Half Camel Pose