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Shell Lake, Wisconsin | 715.645.2543


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Public Class Schedule and Descriptions

Yoga for EVERYbody
Thursdays at 6:00pm
Spooner Physical Therapy & Wellness (314 Service Rd, Spooner, WI)

A slow moving, meditative experience to take you beyond asana. Guidance in alignment is offered to help move your awareness past the most obvious sensation of a stretch; however, as your awareness expands, you are also free to find your own movement details. Learn to relax and release into basic and challenging shapes. Trauma sensitive environment: slow moving, no hands-on adjustments, as gentle as you need.
Weekend Warrior Yoga
Saturday 10:00am (monthly) at Perlick Distillery

Weekend Warrior Yoga will be scheduled once each month on a Saturday. We'll be outside when weather allows; when inside, please reserve your spot. It's a Vinyasa style "community class," which means your cost for Yoga is by donation. The Distillery opens at 11am, so stay and enjoy the day! Please BYO mat.
Private Lesson with the Yoga Wheel
Private lessons on the Yoga Wheel are scheduled by appointment.
Available in Spooner, and at your location

The Yoga Wheel is a fun and informative prop to add to your practice. It can be a solid support to deepen your movement, an unstable foundation to build your balance, and a new way to move to offer insight to your practice. I can provide a wheel if you do not have one. Please contact me to schedule: 715.645.2543;
Private Lessons and Classes
Scheduled by appointment.
Available Spooner and your location

Private lessons/classes are recommended if you have a special situation to consider (such as injury), the class schedule does not work for you, or you just don't feel ready for a group environment. We can develop a practice you can use somewhat therapeutically or cover common modifications that will help you integrate into a class. Please contact me to schedule: 715.645.2543;
Check the calendar for current workshops.
Available in Minong and Spooner.

Workshops can cover just about anything from Yoga for Beginners, Inversions, Yin Yoga, Backbends, How to use various props, etc. If you have an idea for a workshop you would like to see, please let me know! 715.645.2543;
Gentle Yoga for Relaxation - Online
Wed. 5:30-6:15pm; next session: 3/4/20-4/8/20

This online class can be streamed right into your own home, giving you the benefit of practicing in your own space, but still with guidance. It's a combo of Hatha, Slow-flow Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Pranayama, and meditation rolled into a 6-week series through WITC. You have the option to "mute" your video to remain invisible, (but you can still see me). 15 minutes are allowed at the end if you have questions or concerns about the practice.
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