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Baby Goat Yoga

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  • 1 hour
  • 30 US dollars
  • Bear Lake Coffee Company's Outdoor Patio, 2980 US-63, Barronett, WI 54813

Service Description

Come and enjoy a peaceful and playful morning of baby goat yoga at Bear Lake Coffee. When: Saturdays, June 8th at 10am, June 15th at 10am and 11:30am Where: Bear Lake Coffee Company's Outdoor Area, 2980 US-63, Barronett, WI 54813 Who: Lorrie of Om Sweet Om Yoga and the baby goats of Green Willow Homestead Ages 12 and up. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your session to check in. How does baby goat yoga work? First, we let our attendees enjoy 20 minutes of goat-free yoga, and then the baby goats come out for an additional 20 minutes of yoga. Once the yoga session is over, we include another 20 minutes for attendees to pet, play with, and take pictures with the baby goats. What do I need to bring for baby goat yoga? We recommend bringing a yoga mat *and* a beach towel. Baby goats will poop and pee, and having a towel to soak up any little dribbles keeps things a bit tidier. Place your towel over your yoga mat for some extra protection. Goat poop is just like rabbit poop, it is dry and pelleted so it won't get too messy if a baby happens to go on your mat - simply shake it off! What are baby goats like? In a word, baby goats are *curious*. They love to explore, nibble, and sniff anything they can get their mouths on. Be ready for them to jump on you and nibble your fingers, shoelaces, clothes, and hair—don't worry—it doesn't hurt! We encourage you to foster a sense of playfulness when attending baby goat yoga sessions. Will the baby goats have horns? No, our baby goats are disbudded (meaning no horns). Can I take pictures with the baby goats? Yes! Once the yoga session is over, we include a 20-minute playtime session for attendees to enjoy the baby goats and take pictures. Can I pick up the baby goats? Yes! Start by picking up the baby goat with your dominant arm, ensuring its back end rests in the crook of your elbow. Hold its chest closely with your hand. Then, make a “goat sandwich” by wrapping your other arm around it tightly. If you hold a baby too loosely, it will start to jump and wriggle, just like a human baby. The trick is to hold it close to your body so that it feels secure. Can I skip the yoga and just play with the baby goats? Yes, but you still need to register and purchase a Baby Goat Playtime ticket. During the goat yoga session, you can wait inside the coffee shop until baby goat playtime starts. What happens if it rains or storms? Bear Lake Coffee has a nice sized covered patio that we will do our yoga on if we get rained on.

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Om Sweet Om Yoga LLC, Service Road, Spooner, WI, USA

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