Get ready...Lorrie and Om Sweet Om Yoga are starting a blog.

This is me learning how to blog. I am admittedly simultaneously disgusted and excited about this endeavor (I'll be focusing on the excited part). Not everyone engages in social media and I am hoping this can become a really great way to share some yoga and life tips with you. The flip side of that is that many of us ARE inundated with social media feeds these days. A blog can provide a space to receive information without getting cluttered with a bunch of stuff that, quite frankly, you just may not care about right now.

It's fairly typical that a blog is loaded with the author's thoughts, opinions, and experiences, and this one will most likely follow that trend. It will be a place for me to share other people's thoughts, too. I believe a good teacher isn't just a teacher, but a student, too, and I learn a lot from my students! So at least for now this page has the potential to spread your thoughts and experiences on things like favorite real-food recipes, yoga apparel that works (or doesn't) for different body types, ways you incorporate yoga and movement into your fitness plan or lifestyle in general, favorite postures and breathing techniques for different situations, etc. I also intend to share other professionals' ideas to help you with your practice. Hey, it's a blog, it can pretty much do anything ;)

As with all new endeavors, I assume some mistakes will be made and it will take a while for me to really understand what I am doing - kind of sounds like yoga! And I'm not going to be on here every day, which impacts the learning curve a bit. If yoga has taught me anything (and it most definitely has) it's that most things in life worth doing can come with a learning curve. So onward and upward - here we go!

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